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We obtain this wonderful natural product,
that lets us invent and enjoy new roasted hazelnuts scented couplings, by cold-squeezing.
Try it on a meat or fish “carpaccio” ,on roasted meat, roast beef, on unseasoned pasta, with cheese.
Also ice creams and puddings match well
with a trickle of roasted hazelnuts oil.

It is extracted in the same way of roasted hazelnuts oil.
Its softer and more fruity taste gives a good raw hazel-nuts fragrance when used in the preparation of
mayonnaise, or on “bresaola”, adding a few lemon drops.
Besides food seasoning, raw hazelnuts oil can be successfully used in cosmetics, being very moisturizing and soothing.
It is effective in relieving legs tiredness after sport.
It is recommended for dry, spoiled and scaly skin,that absorbs it well.
Therapeutic for very dry eczemas and children’s erythemas,
it is also perfect for creams, poultices, face-packs and compresses.
Pure, it has cicatrizing, astringent, anti-inflammation and perspiratory properties.
It can be applied in bigger amounts than other oils because it is quickly absorbed and does not leave grease on skin.
You can use it all over your body and it can replace your night cream when
your skin underwent too aggressive washings.
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The box gr. 50 is designed for automatic vending machines or to be sold in bars as snacks, provides a portion of hazelnut
shelled raw or roasted whole (organic product certificate).

The box gr. 200 gr. has been studied for sale at Food and wine shops, online sales, gift idea ... in this package are wrapped: raw shelled, Toasted whole, grain, flour (certified organic product).

The hazelnuts go through the husking machine,
which only takes away the shell.
Then we visually control the product and manually take the imperfect hazelnuts away.
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Put into the roaster, the hazelnuts cook getting that irresistible taste that is their peculiarity.
They can be used in many ways; In confectionery they are the basis for custards, cakes and biscuits.
Perfect with an aperitif. in cooking they are used in the preparation of many sweet and salty dishes.

Through a protracted grinding we obtain this product, which is used in confectionery and ice-cream production.
It can be used as a base for an exquisite
chocolate cream to spread on bread, simply adding some melted dark or milk chocolate and blending perfectly.
It is also a special ingredient for many refined recipes.

The CREMELLA is obtained by mixing the dough hazelnut with extra dark chocolate for a delicious and healthy chocolate spread perfect snack for kids and greedy. Can also be used as a filling of cakes, the cakes and ice cream.
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Whole roasted hazelnuts are crumbled,
and the crumbs are sewed to separate them from the meal.
This product, besides confectionery,
is used to prepare many refined dishes:
sprinkled on a “carpaccio” like Parmesan,
in a sauce to serve with roast meat,
in a salad instead of nuts or pine-seeds.

Reducing the hazelnuts to powder we obtain hazelnut meal, which is the main ingredient of hazelnut cakes and “Baci di Dama”
(special chocolate-filled small pastries, typical of Piemonte).
Many other couplings are made in creative cooking.

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